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Trinity updates

Hello Church Family!

With recent news, many of you are asking, “What is our church doing? When do we get to meet again?” Some of you are more than ready to begin meeting in person. Others, if given the chance, would prefer to continue meeting online for a while. Many are somewhere in between! Will you please take four minutes for some very important updates? You can read them below or watch here.

What’s been going on lately?

First of all, Thank you! This past Monday, church and community members worked side by side to deliver four hundred meals to kids in need. I’ve seen people contribute time, skills and resources to help make this happen. That’s the church being the hands and feet of Christ. Thank you! We’ll be doing this each Monday in the month of June and potentially through the end of the summer. Will you please pray for that?

I know that some of you are recovering from Covid personally, and others of you have loved ones who have suffered or died from it. It’s tragic, and its severity varies greatly from person to person. We are passionate to help keep you and our community safe. Physical health is one aspect of safety and wellbeing. Some of you are experiencing unsafe emotional and spiritual conditions as you long for fellowship and human connection. We understand that too.

Connecting with God and others

So here are some things I’m seeing folks do to get through. I see prayer lives being rekindled and expanded as we call out to God in faith. I’m seeing friends turn to God’s Word for hope, help and healing. I’ve seen some groups of less than 10 meeting in one another’s homes to study God’s Word and to encourage one another. That’s a great thing to do!

Maybe you don’t have space to do that. Did you know you can call the church office to reserve space for small gatherings? We’re keeping each campus clean and sanitized so they’re ready to be used for God’s glory. Just let us know!

God is using Trinity online

We are committed to excellence with our online services. We see God using them to transform lives and communities. We are committed to our friends who gather on YouTube (about 80% of our online viewers), as well as Facebook, and other platforms. While many are local, others are regional and worldwide. Some join with us at 9AM and others watch when it works best in your schedule. We are investing to make sure you receive an engaging experience to connect with God and one another for years to come. If your health is vulnerable due to age or preexisting conditions, if you’re sick or have been exposed to Covid, please let us serve you through our online services and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

We need to hear from you

I’ve seen some groups of more than 10 meeting outdoors with social distancing. That’s also a great thing to do! We have a SURVEY (click here) to gauge your interest in a larger outdoor gathering with social distancing. We’re evaluating that as an option to promote fellowship and to encourage one another. Please let us know your thoughts through the attached survey.

What about our Indiana location?

This Sunday, Goodland Community Church will hold an indoor service with social distancing. We’re following Indiana’s back on track guidelines. The facility has been sanitized; seats have been rearranged for social distancing; and signage has been posted. No childcare will be provided at this time. Children are welcome to come and sit with their caregivers. The service will be abbreviated and we’ll work to keep kids engaged. If you have a game or device to help keep your child occupied, you’re welcome to use that! For all of our friends who consider Goodland your church home, we welcome you to join us this Sunday!

Illinois Plans

For our Ashkum and Watseka campus friends, will you join with us in prayer for a safe and encouraging service? Please know that we’ll be using our experience in Goodland to bless our Illinois campuses when the time is right. When Illinois state guidelines allow, we’ve been preparing to safely reopen our Illinois campuses.

We’re praying and doing our best to honor Hebrews 10:25 (Let us not give up the habit of meeting together…), Romans 13:1 (Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities…) and Acts 5:29 (We ought to obey God rather than men…). We’ve been crying out to God and communicating with state and local officials. In fact, we’ve joined together with thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ and many likeminded churches asking the governor to work with churches on a plan to expedite reopening in a safe manner. I’m expecting God to do a mighty work!

He is faithful

Thank you for showing grace! That’s so important in the days to come. These challenges are nothing new to the church of God. Whether you choose to remain at home, go to visit a friend, or gather with others with social distancing, do it to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). Meanwhile, we must not pass judgement on others who may apply their faith in a different manner (Romans 14:13).

We have a lot to look forward to! I love meeting online, but I can’t wait to see each of you face to face. The same is true in our walk with the Lord. We delight in prayer, but someday we’ll get to see Him face to face! Some days it feels like that’s more likely to happen first, right!

So let’s pray hard. Let’s stay strong. As James has been reminding us, we are brothers and sisters. We are family. We’re in this together and God will guide us through!

Holding you up in prayer and sending our love!

Your friends in leadership at Trinity and Goodland Community.