start date

october 6 2021 | 6:30pm

Frequently Asked Questions


When do we hope to break ground on the build?  The current thought has been when we have 30-40% of the funds needed in hand we would move forward with ground-breaking, however, this is not definitive.

How many seats will be in the worship center?  It is designed to hold 300 seats at full capacity (similar to the Watseka worship area).   This space will also be used for youth activities as needed so a larger space will be utilized, it will be dual-purpose.  This space also allows us to spread out a bit more than normal if another COVID concern were to arise.

Will there be opportunities for the church attenders to help with the project to save costs?  Potentially, however, we need to make sure any contractors would be "on-board" with volunteer help. We do know that contractors do have deadlines to meet and spreading a volunteer group out over a couple of weekends may slow down other parts of the project as well. In talking with other churches, this was a practice that generally did not go as well as initially thought, not enough volunteers to complete the job, people not well-trained for the task and so forth. 

Does the cost include the parking lot or utilites?   Yes, this category is called "Grounds" and includes the parking lot, ground preperation, landscaping, retention pond, etc.

Could we do other ministries with this amount of money?  The goal of this building is to minister well and directly in Western Iroquois County.  The Vision is to reach the unchurched in our community. 


Does the cost include furniture?  Yes, this will be move-in ready.

Does the cost include Audio/Video (AV) equipment?  Yes, this category is called "AVL" and includes Audio/Video/Lighting, and Internet, will be move-in ready.                                      

Why is the target amount so high?  The building team was charged with determining what elements would be necessary to conduct ministry the way we felt was necessary and which would be honoring to God.  A building which would serve that purpose would be about 13,000 sq. ft.in size and include a multi-purpose worship area with enough space for some growth, an adequate number of student classrooms, office space, a small kitchen, restrooms, a welcoming fellowship / coffee bar area, and a space to serve as a living room / study.  As the team researched the project, several construction considerations came into focus.  Site preparation including surveying, utilities, grading, septic system, detention pond, and parking lot must be completed.  Furniture, fixtures, & equipment are required to complete the building, as well as audio visual and lighting.  Construction costs have gone up recently, and the building team is looking for ways to accomplish this project in a responsible way, which is still warm, welcoming, and functional.



When and how can I give?  You can give by check made out to Trinity church and specifying “Invest in the Vision” in the memo or on-line by selecting “Invest in the Vision”.  For other types of gifts such as grain, securities, or land, please contact the church office and we can direct you to someone who can assist you.   

What happens if we don’t raise all the money? Will we consider a loan? How much?  We will consider a loan, however, at this time we want God to work in the hearts of our people for whatever their commitment may be.  And that commitment is not just financial, it is also may come in time and/or prayer.  After the final commitments are completed in late November, we will be better able to answer this question.

Who will see the amount of my gift?  As with all contributions you make to Trinity church, only the bookkeeper.

Can I reduce the amount of my regular giving and designate it for “Invest in the Vision”?   We ask that any gifts to “Invest in the Vision” be above and beyond your normal giving to the church. Our ongoing expenses must still be paid.  We are asking you to pray about how God is calling you to join with us in fulfilling our vision of transforming lives through this ministry and respond in faith.                                                                                

Who are Christian Investors Financial (CIF) and how/why are they involved with this process?  CIF is an EFCA organization that has helped hundreds of churches through biblical capital campaign projects. Their model is based in scripture and reflective of 1 Chronicles where leaders first set the example in sacrificial giving. Their support on this project provides financial and biblical accountability. In addition to providing wise counsel, they are also able to assist confidentially with IRA transfers, gifts of land, etc.