Ukrainian Refugee Response

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october 6 2021 | 6:30pm

Ukrainian Refugee Response

As the crisis in the Ukraine continues we know many here in the states are burdened to not only pray for those in need but to give as well.  Trinity Church, as a part of the EFCA, feel that the safest way for us to do that is through the ReachGlobal Crisis Response Team.  

The ReachGlobal Budapest City Team, in partnership with Crisis Response, is continuing to explore with partners how they might work to address short-term and long-term needs. The team has had opportunities to donate, facilitate connections between people seeking accommodations and those offering, spend time playing with children and have trauma care conversations. They are also seeing partners in the Roma Network step into the fray to assist people getting to and crossing the border into Hungary.

ReachGlobal Crisis Response continues to mobilize support for Ukrainian refugees in the wake of this crisis. Ukrainians need your help, and your partnership makes a difference. Please click the TO DONATE below to be taken to a secure site throught the EFCA.

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