Ashkum Groundbreaking

start date

october 6 2021 | 6:30pm

Ashkum Campus Groundbreaking

We are claiming ground for the kingdom of God and now it’s time to break ground! On Sunday, June 5th, we’ll gather at the future site of the Ashkum campus for a groundbreaking celebration from 10:45-11:15AM. 


  • Sunday services at Ashkum (9AM), Watseka (9AM), Online (9AM), and Goodland (10AM). 
  • There will be NOWatseka 10:45 service, so that attenders can join the celebration in Ashkum.
  •  Goodland members who wish to attend the groundbreaking are encouraged to join the worship service in Watseka at 9AM. 
  • Shuttle buses will be used since there is currently no parking yet at the site. Shuttle buses will load in Watseka and Ashkum at 10AM and leave promptly at 10:15. 
  • There will be sanitation facilities at the site and accommodations will be available for those with mobility challenges. Buses will return immediately after the groundbreaking festivities. 


Please join us to praise the Lord, to pray for our neighbors, to worship, and to celebrate together!

You can easily sign up for a shuttle either at a Welcome Center or HERE
Watseka Shuttle: (Leaves 10:15AM. Returns to Watseka 11:55AM)
Ashkum Shuttle: (Leaves 10:15AM and 10:30AM. Returns 11:30AM)