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September Edition

Dear Friends,

I can’t wait to kick off our series on Esther! God has placed you right here, right now, for such a time as this. Nothing is by accident. The family you were born into, the community you live in, and your sphere of influence were all crafted by your Heavenly Father. Why? So that your life will be transformed and conformed to the image of Christ. (Romans 8:29) So that your community will be transformed as you share your faith. In every blessing and every crisis, God is there working behind the scenes. This month let’s go back in time together, to glean a lesson we can apply today. Please take a moment for some quick updates below. Thanks!

In Christ’s Love,



Invest in the Vision

We were blessed by a very generous donation of more than $50,000 to purchase land for the new Ashkum permanent site! May God be praised! Though the donors wish to remain anonymous, their hope is to inspire generosity among the body of Christ toward construction of the new church building. If you desire to give above your regular contribution toward this effort, please designate your gift “Invest in the Vision”. You can give using the app, the website, or by mail. Thank you for investing in the vision of Transformed Lives and Communities, through faith in Jesus Christ!


Annual Meeting Recap

We had a great turnout locally and online to celebrate God’s work, to pray, and to talk about God’s future plans at Trinity. Every motion passed enthusiastically, including the decision to purchase land for an Ashkum permanent site, the proposed budget, the decision to expand the elder team as God grows Trinity, the new elder chair, and affirmation concerning Christ’s “glorious” return. The highlight was walking together prayerfully through Ashkum to pray at the future gathering location. Approval of the budget also means addition of Tim Tammen as full time Ashkum campus pastor, Pastor Mike transitioning to a global role to advance God's kingdom, and intention to hire a part time campus pastor for Goodland. What a joy!


Sensational September!

Please pray for so many exciting plans in September! Sunday morning children’s ministries (Nursery, JAM, and Middle School) will resume at each campus on September 13. Nursery will check in before the service. Older children will join the worship time and be dismissed to class before the message. We’ll be hosting a Marriage Night at Watseka (Fri 9/18) and Ashkum (Sat 9/19). It’s time to learn, laugh, and grow together! You can sign up here. If you need assistance with the cost, just let us know, as we are happy to sponsor. Women’s Ministry is kicking off, as well as a variety of Bible studies resuming. Please let us know if you’re interested. Feel like going to a concert? We’re delighted to host an outdoor concert Night of Worship featuring Hallel on Saturday, September 26 from 6pm-8pm. What a great opportunity to invite a friend! If you’ve been wanting to learn more about Trinity, just let us know! We’ll be hosting membership classes to help us get to know one another better.

Thanks for taking time. You’re up to speed!

August Edition

Dear Friends and Family,

 We have two incredible opportunities coming up! One this weekend for men and one next weekend for ladies. I’m always amazed at the number of people whose lives have been forever transformed by God’s work through special events, conferences and speakers. If we want to keep growing in Christ during this season, we need to invest in our faith. I pray you’ll carve out time to be challenged and changed by God’s Word! You can attend in person or online. Please use the links above to reserve your spot today!


Last month we saw the importance of being led by God. This month we’ll see how God calls us to lead others, as we follow Him. God has called us each to lead others and to follow Him. You don’t want to miss this!


Leading Together-The Book of Titus

Week 1            Church Leadership 1:1-16

Week 2            Personal Leadership 2:1-10

Week 3            God’s Leadership 2:11-15

Week 4            Leadership that Works 3:1-15


I’m super excited about our annual meeting this August 23rd! God has blessed us with many things to celebrate and some important things to prayerfully decide upon. For example, we’ll vote on the purchase of a 5-acre piece of land south of Ashkum for a new permanent site for that campus! We’ll also vote on increasing the elder team capacity range to 6-9. That’s important as God expands the reach of His kingdom through Trinity. We’ll also share blessings from the past year and prayerful plans for the days to come. We’ll share exciting staffing updates, like Pastor Tim joining us full time as Ashkum campus pastor, transition of Pastor Mike to a global role, and hiring of a part time Goodland campus pastor! The annual meeting will be held in Ashkum at 1:30, including an opportunity to pray at the prospective build site! If you’re unable to join us in person, a Zoom link will be sent, closer to the date. 


Thank you for your generosity in partnering with us! Because of God’s work through you, 4,000 meals were provided to hungry kiddos in multiple communities. Yesterday one local school district granted us the Excellence Award for coordinating these efforts. Wow! God has been so faithful to provide in this season. Thank you for your faithfulness! As we finish this budget year, God has called us in faith to plan for the next. On August 9, we’ll provide advance copies of next year’s proposed budget that will be voted on during the annual meeting. Please plan to pick up a copy. Elders will facilitate informational meetings on the 9th to answer any questions (10:15 Ashkum and Watseka, 11:15 Goodland). 


We carry the precious Gospel to a thirsty world. What a privilege! Let’s pray fervently for the Lord’s help, and let’s continue to expect God’s church to thrive in these challenging times. Thank you!


In Christ’s Love,


Trinity Connect - June Edition

Dear Trinity Family,

Have you ever wished that Jesus would just swoop down and save the day-bridge racial tensions, eradicate Covid, and heal the sick and hurting among us? I so wish He was here right now in bodily form to Transform our Lives and Communities. Our next series, To the Rescue, is about just that. Please join us as we camp out this Summer in the book of Judges. We will continue to meet in person and online, with service times as follows:

Online – 9AM Ashkum – 9AM Goodland – 10AM Watseka – 8, 9:30, 11AM

To the Rescue!

June 14 We need a Hero! Judges 1-2

June 21 We need a Savior! Judges 3

June 28 Step up! Judges 4-5

Please pray for us as we work out timing and plans for resuming our children’s programming in a safe manner. That is a top priority and we will keep you posted. Thank you for showing grace. Meanwhile, children are welcome in every service! Seats are socially distanced to provide plenty of space.

Ashkum Exploratory Team – They’ve done an outstanding job moving forward in this challenging season. Later this month, we’ll be sharing their exciting findings. Will you please pray for that? Thank you!

Loving Others

Thank you for helping us to feed local children! Over the past three weeks, you’ve provided over 1000 meals to kids in need. May God be praised! Thank you for helping us to tangibly Love God, Love Others, and Serve the World.

Looking forward to being with you in person and online!

In Christ’s Love,